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Frieda Wiley, PharmD, RPh

“I had the pleasure of hiring and supervising Frieda for several months during the Fall of 2019, when our leading healthcare / pharmaceutical advertising and marketing company was in need of a freelance SVP, Medical Director with expertise in the cardiology arena. Frieda joined my Medical and Scientific Affairs team as a remote freelance Medical Director and immediately hit the ground running. She expertly provided scientific guidance, reviewed scientific copy for accuracy and offered strategic direction to several important cardiology brands and the copy / account professionals that work on these brands day-to-day. These brand teams functioned in a very fast-paced environment and Frieda effortlessly adapted to the teams’ pace. Not only was Frieda flexible and adaptable, she also adjusted to the ebbs and flow in the work with ease.Frieda was an incredibly valuable resource for our teams. Her brand teams and I very much enjoyed working with Frieda, noting that she possessed an admirable work ethic, a can-do attitude, and keen scientific expertise. The teams with which she shared her scientific prowess were very appreciative and complaint-free.

I would absolutely hire Frieda again! She is a smart, dependable, strategic, flexible healthcare professional with great ethics and a positive attitude. Along with her scientific prowess, these attributes make her a terrific addition to any team in the medical communications space.”

— Dana C. Carpenter, MD
Former Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs
CDM New York