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Medical Writing Never Needs to Be Complicated.

Providing clear, concise, compelling content for:

  • Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Companies ● Hospitals ●
    Associations ● Universities ● Other Healthcare-Related Companies

Call on me when you need a reliable freelance writer who can tackle complex topics and transform them into information your readers can use.

By Tailoring Content to Your Target Audience, I Can Help You:

  • Deliver your message to your target audience. Your readers may include consumers, patients, scientists, doctors, and other healthcare professionals.
  • Connect with your readers in a way that allows you to influence, inform, and engage them with key takeaways or action items.
  • And finally? Above all, I can save you the worry of producing content. So, sit back and relax while I work hard at crafting content that creates an unparalleled experience for your users.

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"Competence, professionalism and seriousness about her work were the takeaways from my first meeting with Frieda. She was one of the standouts among the freelancers at a writers’ conference I attended about a year ago, and I made a note to get back to her when I needed good writing on a tough science topic. That opportunity came up recently on an assignment for a university’s alumni magazine. She conducted thorough research in a highly technical area and was somehow able to make the complex science concepts accessible and engaging for a broad readership, including many people who do not have technical backgrounds. I will definitely work with Frieda again and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a writer who can deliver the goods."

— Eric Addison CEO of Addison Editorial Services

"Frieda worked extensively with me and two of our senior editors, meticulously updating the drug charts for four 90-page books: Back Pain and Osteoporosis, Lung Disorders, Memory, and Prostate Disorders. The books are purchased by thousands of readers across the U.S. for help in managing chronic conditions. Our editorial staff was greatly impressed with her thoroughness. We hired her again for the 2018 books, this time working on drug charts for diabetes, coronary heart disease, and eye diseases, among others."

— Sue Byrne, Remedy Health Media/Scientific American