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My current and past client history includes:

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See what other clients have to say about working with me:

“Frieda worked extensively with me and two of our senior editors, meticulously updating the drug charts for four 90-page books: Back Pain and Osteoporosis, Lung Disorders, Memory, and Prostate Disorders. The books are purchased by thousands of readers across the U.S. for help in managing chronic conditions. Our editorial staff was greatly impressed with her thoroughness. We hired her again for the 2018 books, this time working on drug charts for diabetes, coronary heart disease, and eye diseases, among others.”

— Sue Byrne, Remedy Health Media/Scientific American

“Frieda Wiley is an outstanding writer/ definitely good at what she does. Frieda developed the slide deck and script for our entire online pharmacology course for advanced nurse practitioner students. Although a challenging subject that covers a lot of material, not only did Frieda quickly identify the most important content to include the slide deck, but she also updated relevant information and supplied us with additional resources to enhance our students’ learning. Our team found Frieda to be professional, reliable, and easy to work with. I highly recommend Frieda and would definitely work with her again.”

— Rita Sedani Pesartic, EdD, Post-Secondary Educator and e-Learning Specialist at West Coast University

“I loved your article in American History, Feb 2017. I wrote a letter to the editor complimenting your article. I think no one in America is aware of the women you featured in your article. I mean, who knew? This info should be shared in some way with every teacher in America — and every family.”

— Subscriber to American History (History Network)

“I’ve worked with Frieda Wiley for the past year, as a writer for the health/advocacy website MedShadow.org. From the start, she ‘got’ the kind of stories we are looking for, and has consistently delivered well-researched, cogently written content, the kind that makes an editor’s work much, much easier. I know I can count on Frieda for great ideas that fit our mission, as well as for her professional, collaborative manner and adherence to deadlines.”

— Denise Schipani, Features Editor, MedShadow.org

“Working with Frieda has been an absolute breeze! Her work ethic, professionalism, and experience are unmatched by any other writer. Frieda is easy to work with and her professional suggestions are always on point. If you are looking for a medical writer and aspire to a seamless experience, I highly recommend Frieda Wiley.”

— Corinne Malanca, United Patients Group

“Not only does Frieda have complex understanding through her academic and professional training, but she is also able to explain medical topics to both patients and the general public in a clear, concise manner, providing our readers with articles that are both interesting and important for their self-care.”

— Cheryl Rosenfeld, Editor, Madavor Media